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Assessment of natural hazards and political risks for address-based locations with the Geo Risk Analyzer

Flood, earthquake, wildfire or political hot spots

Are there any natural hazards or political risks near my worldwide locations that I should be aware of?

This is an important question in scenarios like insurance underwriting, industry planning, supply chain management, and mineral resourcing, as well as for individual users, such as risk consultants and real estate managers, who analyze the risk situation of specific locations for different purposes.

The Geo Risk Analyzer gives you access to high-resolution hazard maps from SwissRe and CONIAS Risk Intelligence, with a global coverage, combined in a holistic and easy-to-use workflow:

Geo Risk Analyzer Webinar, November 2017

Presentation at the Esri Business Summit 2016

Geocode your location portfolio

Enrich with world leading risk data

Analyze each location interactively

Risks covered by the Geo Risk Analyzer

Coastal Flood
River Flood
Political Risk

Your benefits

High quality risk data

  • Meaningful risk assessment is based on high-resolution and precise geo data.
  • Geo-experts from globally operating institutes or reinsurance companies have been creating and updating this risk data for years.
  • Risk data products, using these precisely determined and valuable data, define the industry standard for risk assessment.
  • The Geo Risk Analyzer is your single source for the best risk data products.

Worldwide coverage

  • The increasing globalization and activities of internationally operating companies requires an evaluation of all company locations - worldwide.
  • The Geo Risk Analyzer offers you a uniform and complete evaluation of several risk-factors.

Lean and standardized workflow

  • A lean and standardized workflow guides the user through the entire process from importing an address portfolio to exporting the calculated geo risks.

Ready to use app

  • Modern software-as-a-service (SaaS) web app
  • No installation required
  • No IT operations required
  • Even simpler for ArcGIS Online users

Easy to use in 5 simple steps

How to get access to the Geo Risk Analyzer

To use the Geo Risk Analyzer you need

  • Geo Risk Analyzer credits
  • and an Esri ArcGIS Online Organizational Account

To get a nonbinding offer, please send an E-Mail to with the following information:

  • first- and surname
  • company name
  • address
  • phone number
  • comments

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